Steve's Building Feature

Steve's Building Feature

Hands up, who is fed up with stories about gib supplies? Join the club. Not many of us would have predicted a year ago that this would be such a big topic of conversation. Particularly as gib was the most reliable and easy product to order; how things have changed in such a short space of time.

Fortunately, we are still managing to receive gib orders (although not always to the timeframes required). The next few months will be telling as Winstone Wallboards moves to its allocation model and hopefully things start to ease somewhat. Watch this space.

Another big discussion point is the NZ economy and what impact this might have on the residential construction market. With rising interest rates and material price increases, there will likely be a dip in the number of new houses being built.

However, there is still a huge national demand for new housing which I think will keep the housing market moving for a period of time., albeit at a slower pace. At KDH we have a good pipeline of work coming though and still a healthy level of enquires. The good thing for us is that we can cover all aspects of the market from ancillary dwellings, lifestyle blocks, farm accommodation and transportable homes for anywhere on the North Island.

We can adapt quickly to produce cost-effective designs, high spec contemporary homes and anything in between. Whilst we need to be cautious in these uncertain times, there will always be customers looking to build, for a variety of reasons, and our focus of attention is to be there for them to service their individual requirements.

In more interesting news, we are putting plans in place for a new office, store and construction yard at Northgate Business Park in Horotiu. This is an exciting phase for us whereby we can consolidate our operations in one place as opposed to our current set up of separate office and yard.

The land has been purchased and plans are being drawn up as we speak so we will update you as things develop.

Steve Moore - KDH Director

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